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“Yes, I was influencing Diana, just not in the ways some people thought. I wasn’t encouraging her to do the things they became upset about, I was encouraging her to do the things she needed to do to be healthy and create the life she wanted.”

For seven years holistic health coach and masseur Stephen Twigg worked with Diana, Princess of Wales, facilitating a revolution in her understanding of herself, a revolution which ultimately transformed her life and had dramatic effects on the royal family and the nation. During that time he was labelled a ‘Svengali’ and her ‘guru’ by the press because of the influence he was believed to hold over his client. Stephen’s work with Diana has been the subject of frequent comment and speculation, but has never been revealed publicly until now. DIANA: Her Transformation is his story.

In his unique book Stephen discloses how he helped Diana to see a future which was unimaginable to her before they met, a future without Prince Charles, a future without bulimia and a future where she was following her own dreams and not the expectations of others. The real reason Diana engaged in a publicity battle with Charles is laid bare in Stephen’s book, and the motivation for many of her most controversial decisions is shown to be her search for love and happiness. He explains why her apparently contradictory behaviour - which led to press criticism and allegations that she was mentally unstable - was perfectly understandable in the context of her personality and the kind of transformational process she was going through.

While others have described the events of Diana’s life and offered various explanations for them - often to her detriment - Stephen’s appraisal is that of a uniquely placed and truly knowledgeable insider, one who describes  the Princess’s inner mind and motivations, and provides accurate answers for many of the questions still being asked about his client.

DIANA: Her Transformation is the definitive biography which clarifies everything previously written about the People’s Princess.


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